Week 4: The curve gets steeper

e25’er: Kartik Raj Rewar

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Warning: This is going to be a long, longg, longgggg….(okay, not very long) post. More importantly, this is going to be a boring one. If you found the blog posts by my colleagues not too interesting, look away and close the tab. If you are still reading this, you probably don’t have anything else to do or you really want to know about e25. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll assume it’s the former.

Remember: This post will be long and boring and you will not takeaway anything but the frustration of having wasted 5 minutes. Let’s get cracking. Yalla!

My colleagues have beautifully penned down our journey and experiences at e25 – Sara’s green solutions, Nalini’s Dubai encounters, Vedant’s eternal wisdom and Ali’s humble note. I am lucky to be around such a talented bunch of people and acknowledge that I’m downright horrible at expressing my thoughts through a blog (or through any medium for that matter). I am having a hard time imagining what to write about and I guess I’ll settle for trying my best to let you know about the developments at e25.

In the past 10 days, a lot has happened at e25. Let me start with…whatever comes to mind.

The Justice League is now complete (well almost)

Today, finally Omar joins us and Patrick is no more an intern (Yay! His energy levels were anyway 110%). With the prodigal son (Omar) returning home, the team confidence and enthusiasm has scaled a different peak. Omar had been taking value time out from his schedule in the past month to help us out. Now that we have the two youngest heroes of the team (right out of their convocation robes) amongst us, is there any stopping us?

Picture 1: Omar (the scared soul in the middle) and Patrick on their Graduation

A New Office 😊

 In other news, we have relocated to a ‘relatively’ permanent office – in Emaar Business Park. A place with empty floors and blank walls – all ours to explore and change. A group of youngsters in T-shirts working (and having fun) in the close vicinity of Emaar offices –A new startup in the midst of a giant corporation. We’ll definitely keep you updated as we ‘design’ the new place. SO now you know where to send the gifts and desserts to.😃

Reaching 25

 These days a majority of our time is spent in trying to find the other members of the Justice League (I like to call ourselves that). In case you do not know (well you already know), we are hiring hard-working youngsters who are willing to take risks. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your background is- we want a DIVERSE team on the ground. Mavericks, creatives, engineers, financial analysts, data geeks, professional chefs who can make sushi for us, computer programmers (I repeat; PROGRAMMERS!) are all welcome. We have had a lot of interactions with the most amazing people from a number of countries and some have left us enthralled.

The hours spent brainstorming with each other about what a potential team member should bring to the team has helped us in staying on the right path to complete the team (league?). The application page is available on our website at https://www.e25.ae/apply. We understand that having a great team is THE most important input to our success and we’ll ensure that our final team is one that does justice to the responsibility and mission entrusted to us.


We (finally) have our own website. Finally. To learn more about us, our values and what we are up to, you can visit our website at www.e25.ae or follow us on our social media handles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You may find our crazy ideas not so crazy much for the guerrilla marketing! 😝

Picture 2: If you see anything else other than this on opening http://www.e25.ae, you are probably seeing our old website – Time to clear those cookies and/or update the browser

But wait, what is this e25?

We have often been asked ‘Who are you people?’, ‘What do you do?’, ‘Are you a start-up?’, ‘What do you want to do?’, ‘Where do you see yourself?’, ‘Do you have a vision?’, ‘So where does Emaar come in?’ and other related questions. It’s time to clear the air.

Who are we?

An innovation platform powered by EMAAR to take it to new heights and expand its horizon

Our Vision

To create a new way of life: sustainable, hassle-free and on-the-go –from Dubai to the World

Where do we see ourselves in the near future?

We aspire to be a platform which will give rise to multiple startups integrated into EMAAR.

Our Values

We do acknowledge that our goal posts might keep changing because of the nature of our job but our values listed below would be at the core of any venture that e25 undertakes. We want to imbibe in our work culture the following 7 values, which would define our projects going forward and help us find direction in times of adversities.

  1. Take Big Bold Bets
  2. Take Ownership
  3. Learn Learn Learn
  4. Trust Your Gut
  5. Let Your Ego Go
  6. Be Serious Without Suits
  7. Obsess Over Customers

Ending Note

Finally, I’d like to say that now the curve only gets steeper from here. We have our team, our mentors, our office and our ideas. (Wait, did I just read ideas? I thought there were no ideas and e25 does not do anything). The diversity of the current project spaces is as diverse as (if not more) the team – PropTech, Construction, Sustainability, Living solutions among a few. It is time for Justice League e25 to step harder on the gas, go a notch higher and save the world Get Crazy Done!

Picture 3: The Justice League with original 7 (Image -Lego)

P.S. Do check out the ‘Thunder’ track from Imagine Dragons which showcases Dubai in all its glory at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKopy74weus