Week 3: The e25 Journal

e25’er: Ali Abou Haidar

Current Location: Cozy at Home

Mood: Ultra Productive

Consuming: Caramel and sesame covered almonds and peanuts


Imagine you are part of EMAAR. Separately, imagine you are part of a small group of young talented people who are all below 25 years of age. Both sound very cool right? Well just imagine being part of that group within EMAAR: now isn’t that just outright amazing!

We’ve been working together as a team for a little over a month now. Getting used to each other is not that easy: very different minded people sitting in the same room, thinking about ways to change the world. From vegetarian to pescatarian, yoga-lover and gamer, the list can go on for quite a while. We’ve had our fair share of disagreement but surprisingly, we have been able to reach an agreement on a vast majority of the topics we have discussed. Open-mindedness is a moto we live by.

During this long process of setting up our company, I keep learning new things every day. From how to set-up IT to how do you go about recruiting talented individuals, it is all a very steep learning curve. Other facts are more thought-provoking and can even be scary: can you believe Facebook’s ability to know you more than your closest friends or partner after analyzing just 240 likes? Well, it’s huuuge, it’s true.

As a final closing note, consider this: what do you want to see done in Dubai that would make your life easier or just make you happier? Leave us a comment here and we’re more than happy to look into your idea!


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